LCD Displays are the most common display option used by Car PC'ers today. As or 2007, the most popular in car LCD screen was the Lilliput 7" VGA screen, followed closely by the Xenarc 7" VGA screen.

7" VGA screens are most popular with Car PC installations due to their close conformance with the single DIN sized that most car radios/CD players occupy. This allows the LCD screen to be placed in the same location without requiring expansion of the dashboard.

The 7" VGA size brings its own challenges, however. First, it is small, only 800 X 480, an unusual size for a screen. This means that some graphics cards do not display the output of the car PC in native 800 X 480 resolution. Instead, 800 X 600 is used and the results are squishing of the vertical display. Circles are no longer round but instead are oval shaped.

This issue is particularly acute with the Epia M10000 because it is one of the most popular car PC mini ITX motherboards but the integrated graphics chip is unable to output 800 X 480, requiring either the compromise of 800 X 600 with the associated distortion or an additional graphics card to fix the output issue.

Other models of LCD displays:

Lillput Xenarc LinITX
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