Basically, a mold is taking your existing body panels, and taping them off to make an exact copy of them to use in an enclosure. Setting up for this can be one of the most tedious processes, as often times, the area you will be working in is somewhat cramped. Personally, I like to first tape down waxy newspaper to the carís (truckís) carpet, dash, doors, or anything else near where Iím working. Next step, I tape down aluminum foil wherever Iím planning on doing actual glass work. The resin tends to come apart from the foil very easy, which is why I prefer this over 3-4 layers of masking tape by itself. You then use the same methods as described in the applying section to apply the mat (or cloth) to the foil to get the shape of the vehicleís interior.

When making a mold, keep in mind that one layer really isn't enough to pop the fiberglass out of the vehicle and start working on it! Well, there's a good chance it's strong enough, but when you start adding layers to it, the heat from the chemical reaction will more than likely warp your mold! I like to have at least 3 layers done, while the piece is in the vehicle.

Tip: If using only masking/duct tape, apply Vasoline to it. It will help release the fiberglass mold once you are done with it.
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