StreetDeck is compatible with a wide variety of generic Windows XP hardware. The most common hardware or hardware that requires specific configuration for it to work with StreetDeck is covered here.

Infill T3 - All in one car computer
Infill T3. The T3 is an all in one computer that is in a double DIN form factor matching that of a typical automotive radio. It contains a GPS, rear view camera input, radio, amplifier, TV, remote control, touchscreen, built in buttons controls, as well as hardware for monitoring the parking brake, reverse, and headlight status. StreetDeck works on the Infill hardware and is the easiest way to get a complete working StreetDeck compatible system.

XM Radio
StreetDeck is compatible with the XM PCR and XM Direct. To use an XM direct radio with StreetDeck, the XM direct unit must be connected an additional device that will convert it to a USB input. The audio output should be hooked up to your sound cards line input.

After connecting the XM Direct, in StreetDeck, go to Settings | Satellite Radio and choose or detect the COM port that the XM radio is on and select the sound card device and line input. After configuring those 3 settings, you should be able to successfully use XM radio in StreetDeck. If you have not activated your radio only the XM radio preview channel will appear in the station list.

Remote Controls
StreetDeck supports the Infill T3 remote control, X10 based lola remotes, and ATI branded remote wonder.

All remotes require the StreetDeck tray app to be running to work. The tray app should be started automatically with StreetDeck. To use an X10 or ATI remote with StreetDeck, you must first download an install the drivers for the remote from X10 Support Page (Note: these drivers also work with ATI remotes). Disable or uninstall all existing software for the remote control as it will coflict with StreetDeck if it also installed. After installing the drivers, run StreetDeck, toggle to windowed mode (Settings | Toggle Fullscreen) and click on the StreetDeck tray app, choose options, then select the option for your remote control.

The 6 user programmable buttons on the ATI remote wonder are mapped to thier respective keyboard keys A,B,C,D,E, and F. The keys will only be sent to StreetDeck. The keys can be programmed to any function in StreetDeck by going to Settings | General | Input Options | Keyboard, then selecting a function. When prompted press one of the remote control keys and the appropriate letter should show up and be bound to the function. Choose save and the function should now be executed when pressing the remote control button.

The buttons are automatically optimized for StreetDeck and can not be changed. If you would like more control over how the buttons are mapped you can install a girder plugin in StreetDeck for the remote.
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