Discussion Thread about the New Site

Potential Project managers for new site

* Arrow 269 Posts since Feb 2006
o Runs a web development company that includes hosting, design, and programming and is skilled in each of these areas.
o Plans projects like this often.
o Thinks Road Runner is the greatest contribution to the car computing community.
* blk02si 1570 posts Since Jul 2005
o Runs a computer company that includes [car]PC manufacturing, networking, web development and IT consulting
o Has used RR since Aug 2005 and has coded 6 public releases of "Shock" skin series and 1 public release of "Carwings" skin with SDK. Beta tests new RR code before it is released to public.
o Understands interface design concepts and how they interact with safe driving habits.
* Filecon 8 Posts Since May 2008
o Has just commenced a computer company which solely focuses on manufacturing Carputers in Australia.
o Has 20 years experience in the IT business, the last 12 years as a consultant enhancing/mainainting large legacy systems
o Has many years experience as a PM but has only just started learning OO progamming (JAVA) and basic html
o Has just started using and testing RR
* JohnWPB 2911 posts since August 2005
o Computer hardware and software consultant. Moderate Programming skills in VB6, VBScript, AutoIt. Extensive experience with the inner workings of Road Runner.
o MP3Car Moderator
o Author of the DigitalFX skin.
* Jwlionking 116 posts since April 2005
o Intermediate level of IT knowledge - developed by profession, hobby, and self learning and curiosity.
o Prior business of a computer repair/building company
o Currenly have a small scale webhost account with website building experience (Lately Vbulletin or Content Management - HTML years ago)
o Current profession as Technical manager which includes project management
* monzablue16v 41 posts since Mar 2006
o Other items of note about candidate to be placed here
* Sonicxtacy02 4,889 posts since September 2004
o Other items of note about candidate to be placed here

Things project management candidates might want to add to wiki for up and coming poll. :

* I live and brethe road runner
* I plan projects for my real job
* I have written these plugins already for roadrunner:
o Plugin x
o Plugin x

Potential Developers for new site
fischb22 27 posts since nov 2007 - skin section(upload/auto gallery/download, php & mysql experience)
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