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Thread: Taskbar Shows with CF / IG

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    Taskbar Shows with CF / IG

    Im using skin bedder with centrafuseand everytime i click on one of the menu buttons like zoom or 3D toggle the taksbar shows up over centrafuse..I have centrafuse ontop but dont know what it is...pls any help would be great...

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    I would play around with the statusbar settings

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    I had the same peoblem a long time ago when using iG or pretty much any embedded app in CF (before I even made SKINbedder). I don't think you have CF set OnTop because usually when you do that no embedded apps work at all (CF's blank panel stays OnTop of the program that should be embedded there). I set the task bar to auto-hide and that takes care of it. Now I run CF as the shell, so there is no task bar at all.

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    Well i have centrafuse set on top...taskbar isnt set on autohide...i like to see the taskbar when not running the front end...but taskbar is not on top...and it only does it some times...but i am having a bunch of problems with i think its being caused by something else...i have yet to get skinbedder to work...none of the buttons work it freezes and flickers...dont know...

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