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Thread: [V3 Questions]

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    Sandman: Please subscribe to this thread. I will soon need a beta tester.

    Here is the AutoIt that will Run TMO and open the Collect Data window:
    Run("C:\Program Files\TechnoMotive\TMOlog.exe", "C:\Program Files\TechnoMotive")
    Opt("WinSearchChildren", 1)
    ControlFocus ("TechnoMotive Datalogger Command Screen", "&Connect", 1113)
    ControlClick("TechnoMotive Datalogger Command Screen", "&Connect", 1113)
    ;Collect Data
    ControlFocus ("TechnoMotive Datalogger Command Screen", "&Connect", 1115)
    ControlClick("TechnoMotive Datalogger Command Screen", "&Connect", 1115)

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    Does anyone know how to check that a window opens to make a decision on wether to try to skin it?

    Eg. type(keys) can open window1 under certain circumstances or window2. There is no way to tell beforehand which one will open.

    something like:
    type(keys), if(window1, do window 1 stuff, if(window2, do window 2 stuff))

    Thanks in advance
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