Well, as it says. I'm trying to make a widescreen (800x480 pixels) version of Reddeath30s Mobile Emulator.

Since Mobile Emulator isnt resizeable i have created a layer that tries to catch the emulator windows (that normaly starts embedded in ME). To have it looking for it all the time i have to set the timeout to like 999 999 seconds. This works great, when i click a nes rom, nestopia starts, the layer finds the window and it resizes it properly to the layer i have created. So far so god. If i want to be able to play snes roms as well, i just create another layer, thats looking for Snes9x, also with a huge timeout value. Get it?

That gives me a startup line like this:
"StartUp= ...... Embed(Nestopia:9999999),Embed(Snes9x:9999999)"
But it will only start looking for Snes9x when the timeout for Nestopia is up.
So then i just simply changed the end of the startup line to "Embed(Nestopia:100),Embed(Snes9x:100),Embed(gba:1 0 0)" repeated few hundred times... Got some strange errors thou =/
Any idea how to have it looking for the windows all the time? (Or better, give it the ability of seeing when the emulator .exe starts, and then embedd it)