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Thread: SkinBedder! Any News?

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    SkinBedder! Any News?

    So how bout an update on this project still open? What kinks are you still trying to work out? Any new screen shots or a more stable version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by m2x0p9x
    So how bout an update on this project still open?
    Let's see, the last version upgrade was 3 weeks ago. I guess every Microsoft product and virtually all other software must be dead ends and no longer being developed by that logic. Most of the software available on this board are independent projects developed in peoples' spare time. Some have or make more than others. I don't believe this project is anything but open as there have been replies by rpm regarding skinning and working on bugs. Read some of the recent threads including faqs and give these guys a break.

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    Read this thread - make note of the dates on the final posts
    Read this thread - and again take notes on the dates

    So, RPM is still working on some bugs (namely to refresh by method call rather than a timer), and we are readying a "showcase skin" to inform people about what capabilities are. If that's dead, then I don't know what alive is!
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