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Thread: Has anyone tried or thought of developing software around Mobiledit?

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    Has anyone tried or thought of developing software around Mobiledit?

    Just came across this software online, as standard its a very powerful phone managing software which does all the things phoco and freefone can do but more...just wondering if anyone is interested in developing a front end or embedding it into anything???

    Theres a trial available at

    Let me know what you think


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    I just stumbled on it also sounds cool. Going to have a look at it. SDK on request at their site. Direct download link in email.


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    This wud be good software to develop with, i use this, and the phones are constantly being added plus its capable of getting far more data from the phone i wud imagine it uses less resourses than phoco

    Phoco hasnt been updated for a while now, most handsets it supports are like over 1 year old + now...
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