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Thread: XP Embedded list of components for VIA MII1200

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    XP Embedded list of components for VIA MII1200

    Hey guys/gals,
    Has anyone built XP Embedded for a VIA MII1200 machine and have a list of packages that will need to be included in the build?

    First time building an XPe image from scratch so any help appreciated


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    a few years back VIA used to have SLD's for their different mobo's. Have you checked their site?

    If not, just get a copy of BartPE and add TAP.EXE to it and run it on the mobo.

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    Hey !

    1. Uset tap.exe to get hardware info of your MB components
    2. After importing to target designer your configuration add some designing template like: Terminal Server or similar.
    3. Perform dependency check
    4. Make sure you have CDFS (for cd rom), COM+, .Net (if need one), etc
    5. Create image and try it

    After you find that something is missing - add components and rebuild the image...

    All what I am trying to say is: you will probably create 5-10 images before you get one working well (unless you 100% sure which components to add)

    I did around 12 images before I got first completely working one with all components I need. It always takes time but it worth it

    I like embedded - in my case it boots up to explorer in 6-7 sec (after BIOS booted). It is stable and the footprint is 185MB

    By the way after you finish your image you will probably still have to trim it with regedit (to disable some boot screens and etc)

    Good luck
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