My software, X-MP3Pad, is designed to be run in an MP3Car, displayed on a full screen (optomized for 5.6" LCD), controlled by a pointing device (optional) and a 17-key numeric pad.

Features include:
  • Entire MP3Car solution; no additional software needed
  • Powerful 'album' list format for playlists/etc.
  • Freeform queue structure enabling on-the-fly list creation
  • COMPLETE control of music: Pause, rewind/f-forward, track skip,
  • Upon shutting down and restarting, continues same song from same exact position in the song as well as loads all previous lists and settings
  • Built-in support for running as Windows shell (runs instead of Windows) and switching back
  • Custom startup image, sound, etc.
  • Dynamic graphical display of left/right levels, as well as song position (click on bar to jump to any point in a song)
  • MOVIE SUPPORT: Full .avi playback support, with many other formats to come (YES DiVX works!)
  • LOTS of other features!

I need beta testers! I've got a few (thanks to all of you!), but I need more, and more importantly, I need beta testers who will give lots of feedback. I've already released Beta #1, and I'm on the brink of releasing Beta #2 to my beta list.

To get on the list, drop me an E-Mail with a description of your MP3Car setup, if you have one. Also provide your name, E-Mail address, and briefly, why you want to be a beta tester.


To get an even better idea, here is my development revision history:

Alpha #1: 03/28/2002 (Sent to Tim)
First release

Alpha #2: 03/30/2002 (Internal release)
Add splash screen
Bug fixes/feature implantation

Alpha #3 03/31/2002 (Sent to Tim)
Add application startup sound
Add application icons
Fix Album List focus string retrieval bug

Alpha #4 04/03/2002 (Sent to Tim & installed on Porsche system)
List Maker: Add up/down song list position movement
List Maker: Fix Alterable Value bugs
List Maker: Add version display
List Maker: Add right-click exit menu
Add support for list album files ("L- " albums)
Fix related bugs for album files
Add right-click menu (for exiting and running List Maker)
Reorganize event structure (replace comment groups with event groups)
Add detail to comments

Alpha #5 (aka Version 0.5 (beta)) 04/09/2002 (Internal release)
Change right-click functionality to popup menu
Add support for setting SYSTEM.INI shell

Alpha #6 (aka Version 0.6 (beta)) 04/10/2002 (Sent to Tim)
Fix bug not displaying time elapsed when fast-forwarding/rewinding when paused
Fix bug displaying previously played song's total time instead of new song
Fix bug displaying total time on load previous song
Re-did method of capturing keystrokes (to allow normal Windows repeat rate)
Rearrange screen layout to be more efficient
Change progress bar coding to reflect new screen layout
Add more functionality to popup menu
Add refresh songs/albums functionality

Alpha #7 05/07/2002 (Sent to Tim & installed on Porsche system)
Rearrange layout (move currently selected display to top of screen)
Fix bug not saving last playing song position when closed via ALT+F4
Clean up look of text boxes (disable on start to keep mouse arrow over them)
Song jumping to song number (Song List and Queue List)
Change functionality of many keys
Change internal text display from text boxes to string objects
Re-do all events that could be consolidated into fewer events
Started implementing new button system
Re-do all comments
Add version number to application name
Rename application from MP944 to X-MP3Pad

Alpha #8 06/19/2002 (Internal release & installed on Porsche system)
List Maker: Fix infinite loop bug with Global Values
Fix name of buttons to indicate new name of application
Fix bug on Song List box (removed Sort property)
Enhance startup splash screen
Make screen larger than 640x480 & have mouse scroll screen (WA style)
Custom startup sound and image (from .INI file)
Add preferences screen for settings & existing button functions
Add screen for first time users
Make Shell=xxx buttons enable/disable
Make song timer count down from -XX:XX:X (total song length) (FINALLY!)
Add ability to change time display (-XX:XX:X/XX:XX:X) & save in INI file
Add "Load From File" button to Movie screen
Add movie playback (with Movie Folder in .INI file with preferences)

Alpha #9 07/13/2002 (Sent to Tim & installed on Porsche system)
Make splash screen slide move faster if slow machine detected
Hold NumLock to shut down
Swap visualization bar colors (to make red the right channel)
Create 4 pixel margin at top of screen
Flash time text when paused
Add keyboard control for Movies
Make default text when jumping (Key: Enter) current line number
Add "~ " to beginning of playing song
Keep currently playing song # when moving/adding/deleting (for advancement)

Beta #1 07/14/2002 (FIRST PUBLIC RELEASE! Sent to beta mailing list)
Remove debugging code
Add queue list limit 10 entries (on public test version)

Beta #2 8/20/2002 (Sent to Tim & Matt)
Add option to exit to Windows (run explorer.exe) when run as shell
Layout improvements (add Startup section; larger song time; channel vis.)
Add queue list repeat
Add option for string in front of playing song (such as "~ ")
Add 4 pixel margin at top of Movie screen
Hold NumLock in Movie screen shuts down
Auto-save song info (every 5 mins)
Remove Config Folder (save Queue data to app dir)
Add Movie Folder selector in music screen
Add 7+ splash screen settings (incl. no splash for full version)
Change E-Mail and webpage domain to
Fix bug with new playing prefix string display of playing song
Add Help button to view readme.txt file

1-TO DO: Add user-customizable keys
1-TO DO: Add volume control
1-TO DO: Fix bug leaving playing prefix text in front of songs
3-TO DO: Album Maker: Rename List Maker to Album Maker
3-TO DO: Album Maker: Improve interface (add Save, Save As, etc.)
3-TO DO: Add walkthrough of Queue concept to ReadMe
3-TO DO: Add user-customizable colors
4-TO DO: Auto-Update (search for new MP3s, Albums, program versions, etc.)
4-TO DO: Add numeric-to-text song searching
4-TO DO: Add picture viewer - display while music playing
?-TO DO: Grow/shrink list boxes depending on focus state