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Thread: DesktopX Mini tutorial

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    Talking DesktopX Mini tutorial

    Here's my mini tutorial,

    DesktopX Animations

    I used Adobe Photoshop for all these steps.

    •Animations on are based on frames.
    •To start off make one picture for example 60 x 158 pixels.
    •Create another image with the same dimensions slightly adjusting the image.
    •Make as many frames as you want. Just remember to keep the same dimensions.
    •Create a background to the corresponding size. 158 pixels multiplied by 16 frames gives you 2528 pixels.
    •Place all of those separate frames together to form ONE image.

    All of these frames were used to make one icon and were saved as one image.

    Icon picture >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> blurs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> description.

    Small tab >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> large tab.

    Here’s a close-up of the frames.

    •Save the image in png format since it retains the transparency information.
    •Right click on your DesktopX background and click on DesktopX >> New Object.
    •Right click the “New Object” >> Properties
    •Click Appearance side tab and then the appearance tab.
    •Locate your image.

    •Click Animation tab (In Default Mouse Out) and indicate the amount of frames.
    Interval is how fast you want them to move. Click on backwards for style.

    •Repeat above step for Mouse Over with the style change to forwards.

    •Set alpha blending to your liking.

    BTW I’m still in the learning process, this is my first animation!

    Hope this helps,

    - 3+ years & still no carputer!
    - Done collecting parts
    - Currently planning setup

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