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Thread: Volume Control out of balance??

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    Volume Control out of balance??

    Sometimes when booting(once booted), the computers volume control balance is shifted completly to the L/H. To fix it i minimise rr and open the volume controls and centre it again. does any one know if there is a quick fix for this to prevent it from happening or if i can insert a command during boot to always centre the speakers?? i am using rr and xp with a epia m1000 board if that makes any difference??

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    Hi goatess,

    I searched the internet a bit and found a small program on This program has the capability to reset the values to what they where when windows shut down. It uses it's own saving file so it is not that dependable on what windows says.

    Why not try it. You should use the adminversion because it has the ability to start when windows does and save the settings / reset the settings (and thats what you want).

    With kind regards,

    FG van Zeelst
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