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Thread: HTML or other coding?

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    HTML or other coding?

    Hi guys,

    I build websites. I customer of mine has come back & asked 2 questions of which I can't really answer;

    1) Is it possible to have a sensor input displayed in a HTML document
    2) Is it possible to use HTML code to control 1 or more relays via a serial port

    This is all the information I have at the muinite, but going on past disscusions I think he is talking along a Car PC line.
    I think he wants me to make a front end for him in HTML to control various bits on this cars.
    I'm pretty happy with most other aspects but the questions raised above.

    If its not what is the best/quickest code to learn to be able to do this?

    Cheers All


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    I would say yes, JavaScript is what you would use... I remember someone doing something like this online a few years ago but I cant remember who, what, where, or when.
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    I am not sure how but a quick search shows an activex control to do it.

    But a suggestion would be to use qbasic, it is really easy to pass arguments and control the parallel and serial ports through it. I can link documentation for you if you want

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