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Thread: My New RR SKIN.

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    My New RR SKIN.

    Evening All!!

    ive been messing about with photoshop tonight as i have no life! LOL

    ive done the first screen of what could be a new skin, most will be set out much the same as BMV2 but just with a different look. (as below)

    What do you think? Still lots to do, Its abit gothic but i kinda like it, although ive staring at the screen for so long i think my eyes are bleeding!!!!!

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    I really like the layout and button shapes in your design but the colors and contrast are horrible. You need to change the text to white or something otherwise if you get that in the car on a sunny day its going to look like a red blob on the screen.
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    Well it looks like his girl has just blobbed all over the screen.


    Sorry I don't like.

    I know it's your first attempt, but it's just a rehash of BMV2 with different shape buttons and a god awful background.

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    ok peeps , i shall put a little more work into it. like you say its my first attempt so its gonna take a while to get it right, i must admit after being away from it for the night and comming back to look at it this morning it does look too red! think i just got carried away last night! lol

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