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Thread: Digital Dash Interfaces

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    yeah no kidding

    this HAS to be the best feature tho!!!

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    It does NOT like my Mp3 directory. It has problems loading all my songs.... (6500).

    Granted this computer isn't a top not system that I am demoing it on, 500 mhz....tons of ram.

    I can't even try most of the stuff. For one its all disabled, for two it locks up ALL the time


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    Hi Guys,

    Lets consider this. Testing the program with the things that are disabled, what exactly is disabled that would completly change how the program operates? I.e. In the MP3 player, the stop button as well as the "Remove File" and "Remove Directory" are disabled. You know what these functions do? They stop the song, and they remove the selected biggy!

    In regards to the web browser, it wont go to any other page, what does that matter? It loads so you know it works right?

    In realism, no major feature has been disabled. The GPS Program link is JUST a link, if you want to test your GPS software go and type its program location under the dvdplayer= variable under setup.ini
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    This software is far from being able to sell in my opinion.

    1. When you throw a large directory of Mp3's to it, it does not like that. Takes forever, and then just blows up.

    2. You are playing music and want to navigate through the stops as soon as you leave the mp3 page. That seems kind of odd as I never pressed stop. Many times we listen to mp3 and have the GPS running.

    3. I put the correct path names for the calc and those files into the INI. It still will not load. I paste the path that I write in there into windows explorer and they work perfect so I know I have the paths correct.

    4. Shutdown button is too similar to the close button. I accidentally hit the shutdown when I just wanted to close. I am sure many will do that. Very annoying.

    5. You can not get a true feel of the program with all this stuff disabled.

    6. Is there a shuffle feature in the mp3 screen?

    7. Is there playlists in the mp3 screen?

    8. long way to go yet I think.

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    Looks like it might have a future, but a long way to go.

    1) shutdown and close buttons to close together, at the very least close should be the most right hand button, not shutdown.

    2) Where are the organisational facilities of the MP3 player? Do you want me to scroll down through 4000 songs!

    3) The way it is crippled is stupid. Make it time limited or something, like only 10 minutes run time before it quits.

    4) Its too "Windows PC in your car" and not "electronic device for use in a car". If it is to work for people here, it must have an interface that is built for use as an in-car system, not Windows with bigger buttons.
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