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Thread: preventing audio jolts on startup

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    preventing audio jolts on startup

    I've done a search and found nothing, so I have a question. When i start my car-pc and boot into road runner, i find that the music is jolty on and off while the computer loads up fully at start up. It's a bit of a niggling thing really. I'd rather have it not start playing at all until it's able to play the music persistently without cutting in and out as a result of other things loading up in the background.

    Has anybody come up with a solution to this to prevent the jolty sound at PC startup? I've found its even worse at startup when using Bit-perfect, but still a problem without Bit-perfect too. Any advice/existing solutions for this?

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    Your computer is out of resources while booting, have you got unnecessary programs on there? Try alt, ctrl, del when computer starts and see what process is taking the most resources. If you cant pin point anything try down grading your winamp to the old classic one, it uses like 1/10th the resources.
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    After some experimentation, I've found out that it's alot more noticable using an ASIO output driver than using the DirectSound one. Pitty the ASIO one sounds better (at least once it's loaded). Also i don't think the older version of Winamp supports any ASIO plugins.... hhmm i'm revising the whole system now though to get boot times down and minimise resource usage elsewhere, so hopefully that will fix the problem.

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