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Thread: in this video, what on screen keyboard is it?

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    in this video, what on screen keyboard is it?

    i found this random video but I want to know what on screen keyboard he is using when the video shows he goes onto internet(google) for the first time. is this embedded into the front end? what front end is it?

    or is the on screen keyboard from the touchscreen drivers? ( i really like the onscreen keyboard)


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    Think that was when he was using the Mac OS (it's a MacMini that he has)

    Although he was last using XP due to software support on it (GPS mostly). Now his P1900, not to mention it killed his battery twice before, and he's frustrated to the point of scrapping the project.

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    but the main menu display looked like the 'spaced out' skin for Road runner. do you mean he was running windows on the mac mini?

    anyways, thanks for the info, but i think i'm going to try centrafuse since it's easier to install. (i'm a newbie)

    centrafuse even has a plugin to let you use iguidance so I guess that's pretty cool. I know the downside is I can't change as many things as I want like Road Runner, but i don't even have much time to learn how to write all those scripts.

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