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Thread: Enicar V0.09

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    Quote Originally Posted by tn6478 View Post
    Hey enitalp does shuffle work and repeat. Trying to use it but it doesn't shuffle. also are you going to embedded freefone into the program for use with cell phones. it will be a great add-on. What about Visualization?
    Shuffle and repeat are not coded.

    I can add freefone in the to do list.

    Visualization are definitivly in MY todo list, but prior to that i have to make mplayer working my way. as for the instant it's an external app.

    Working a lot on the next version.

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    cool looking forward to it

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    Hi Eni

    Just downloading Enicar and would like to cast my eyes over the source, I am currently learning to use C# more effectivley and it would be interesting to look over you code and see if I could help you sort it out as c++ is my main coding background I can also help out with the skinning side of things as my other hobby is graphic design, do you have PSD files for the skins as I think this would really boost the speed and quality of skinning Enicar

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    It may be a bit late in the game for this request but have you considered using a media player other than winamp? Such as foobar for example? Foobar is faster and much more robust then winamp, not to mention the sound quality is superior. The speed would match nicely with the speedy C++ code you've generously been writing. Please consider it.

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    He's not using winamp, he's using mplayer.

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    I like this FE very much because it's compact and fast (I'm using an AMD Geode LX SBC for my CarPC). RR is very slow on this limited hardware. Do you ever consider splitting up the coding work? I'm fairly capable in C/C++ (lot's of low-level embedded experience) and would be willing to help out here & there if you've got source code posted anywhere.

    He's not using winamp, he's using mplayer.
    Since mplayer supports AAC files (.M4A) right out of the box, is it possible to allow EniCar to play these files too? Right now, EniCar does not show these files in the audio browser.


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