I was following the thread about Digitial Dash and looking at the screenshots. I decided to get Multimedia Builder out of the closet and fire up Photoshop.
The biggest negative to MMB was its ability to handle MP3 playlists. But with the release of WA3 and Arby's Fullscreen Skin.
With a little bit of time why not try to incorporate a full screen application that somewhat matches Arby's Skins colors, that way one would flow into the other.

This is my feeble attempt at MMB

The main screen will when complete ( if i ever finish it ) will envoke WA3 with Arby's Skin, MMB slideshow, external GPS, About Screen ( A place to throw props ), shutdown windows and a Kill LCD

Main Screen is still kinda empty

When About is clicked, The Back to Main Menu does what it says

Kill LCD screen simulates a dead LCD, i have since taken the red text off and have a hotkey to return to main page.

This will probably become VAPORware, as i stated i this is more or less just to see how easy/hard it would be.