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linux and RR? not a good idea, maybe under emulation, but why bother using linux then, do stripped win xp, and run RR natively.
I can see the noob part is starting to show. I was just a bit excited by the idea of a fast little machine that was a glitzy as everyone else has here and until reading about it a couple of hours ago, I never heard of stripped win xp (as in XPe? or different). I'll start reading up on that and try to figure out what my options are. It was just hard not to get buzzed up about a small mobo w/ processor for less than $75. Thanks for your guidance here. And what do you mean when you say run XP stripped and RR natively? (Oh, natively! as in WinXP - Duh. Kind of a delayed response there.) That sounds good enough to me. I still have another big hurdle, that being a tough vehicle in which to do the install, specifically a 2003 Merc Sable. Probably one of the more difficult dash options out there. What do you thing about the little Aopen mini mac like things? Kind of small and seem to have lots of bang for the buck.