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Thread: Any issues with G4 and other front ends?

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    Any issues with G4 and other front ends?

    I am about to purchase the Infill G4, and am really curious about trying other front ends besides StreetDeck (just 'cause I can)...

    Anyone have any problems with this? I thought I read that the XP Home that comes with the G4 is sort of "optimized" whatever that means. To me, it means that things are stripped out to make it boot faster and stuff -- sort of like "XPLite" and those tools.

    I'm wondering if there are any compatiblity issues, or if certain things are just not going to work on the G4 and other front ends b/c they are tied to StreetDeck?

    • GPS?
    • Radio?
    • Camera?
    • BlueTooth?
    • etc?

    And without starting a religious war, aside from RoadRunner are there any others that are on par with StreetDeck? I'm really not looking to beta test some half-assed project. I want something that is stable, solid and feature rich.

    Again, I have nothing against StreetDeck -- it looks great (never used it) -- I am just trying to think of the future. At $2000, I would hate to have purchased some proprietary hardware, when I could spend $1000 and get cheaper CarPC that offers more options.

    I'm also curious about some of the Linux offerings out there (perhaps a dual boot system) and of course their potential issues with the G4. I tripple boot my notebook (Gentoo, XP, Ubuntu), so I'm very familliar with Linux.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DAE51D View Post
    No probs, it's standard.
    It's very proprietary, and the vendor wouldn't release a properly documented API. The only two front-ends known to work with G4 radio are InfillStation and StreetDeck. People are known to be working on integrations with other frontends but without documented API nor vendor support it's taking more time than it could(should).
    G4 rear view camera support is hard wired in such a way that screen switches to rear camera input whenever you switch to reverse gear. It works this way with any front end and even with no front end.
    G4 does not have any built in BT hardware.

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    Infill G4 - Use Centrafuse

    Hi There,
    I've been using the G4 with CF and since they released the Radio support and G4 Tilt and brightness snapins, I can say that it's the best frontend today for the G4.

    Everything works fine (I'm using v1.2 + the radio download they published a week ago).

    I've not encountered any bugs so far, and the system looks great

    Good luck


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