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Thread: Girder and Winamp Plugin help

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    Girder and Winamp Plugin help

    Well I got Girder 3.0 and Winamp 2.80 all is working perfect! All I want to know is how would I implament the jump to song car plug-in for my remote? like pressing +223+ would jump to song 223 on the keypad but how would I set that up to use the remote?

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    Thats a tough one even though it should be simple. Search this forum and the girder forum and you should find something. Or search by my username. The problem is that the winamp plugin that does this doesn't work well at all so you have to set up your remote to send code messages to winamp. I wanted to set it up so that if I press like *and 3 digits it will play a specific song but when I press # and 3 digits it would play an album. Still working on it.


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