I've just formatted my car computer to install an nLited version of Windows XP, but after doing so it's giving me some issues with USB. The device manager would not show there being any USB ports present. So I of course installed the USB 2.0 driver that came with the motherboard (VIA EN-15000G) but still, no recognition that USB ports existed on the motherboard. This wasn't a simple case of it not recognising devices I plugged in, but in device manager it didn't even show up the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" node.

I've been into the BIOS and changed the settings and enabled both
"OnChip USB Controller" and "OnChip EHCI Controller". I did these one at a time - OnChip USB Controller made the USB ports work, but only at speeds of USB 1.1.... OnChip EHCI Controller fixed this and made them work at USB 2.0 speed....

The problem I still have is, my USB CD Drive will no longer spin up and get going enough to run a CD. I know that due to power requirements it needs most of the full 500mA, which is why I've plugged it directly into the motherboards USB, but still no ball. I know for a fact that the USB CD drive works on other computers, and it even worked on my car computer prior to the format. I think it's a bit odd that I had to change settings in the BIOS to get USB to work - I didn't have to do this with my previous OS install.

So i'm thinking it may be a software issue caused by nLite. Does anybody know of any settings in nLite that would likely have caused this? I was pretty cautious when making the image, but this is really getting to me. I really don't want to have to format yet again. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers, Bryce.