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Thread: Cool looking front-end with LPT relay and serial control...

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    Cool looking front-end with LPT relay and serial control...

    Maybe someone can recommend a product...

    I have a small PC and a parallel control card...

    What I'd like to do is this....

    I have a home theater room with an electric projector screen with up/down/stop controls, some in wall theater lighting and a projector with serial control...

    I'd like something visually similar to a touch screen carputer frontend with pretty buttons that will control relays....

    Three relays which will pulse the up, down and stop buttons which I'll wire directly to the UHF remote that came with the screen

    One relay which will turn my theater lights on and off so that parallel pin will have to toggle on all the time or off all the time

    Also a button that can send a command over serial so I can turn the projector on and off... The commands are provided in the manual.

    So I guess the screen would be 7 Buttons




    What would be cool would be if the button lable actually rolled to reflect the available option. So if the projector is on, the button would say "Projector Off", as soon as you press the button the label would flip to "Projector On"

    Any ideas???


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    Just as a follow up, what I plan to do with this is put a 10-ish inch touchscreen in the wall next to the sofa that will be connected to a PC with a relay card and a serial connection to the projector on the ceiling so I can put the remotes away and be cooler than everyone who uses a Harmony... Home automation on a budget...

    Thanks again!

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    Took me awhile to find this hidden deep in a forum at
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