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Thread: New Skinnable C# .NET Front End

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOnline View Post
    Hi hessian,

    Well I tried to run your frontend but ran into a few problems the program shows up like this:

    So what did I do wrong. I guess there is a problem with the fact that I use windows xp pro (dutch edition). I included my config and current settings file.

    With kind regards,

    FG van Zeelst
    Are you using WMP 10?
    Anything in the library?
    Check your Configuration.xml file.

    That skin was created to have something with more contrast. In the next version it will be updated to look better. I'll also have a skin that looks like the newer nav version of the head unit for the Mustang.

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    New Version the the Works

    I've decided to devote some more time to this project. I'm reworking the app so it will be possible for other developers to provided extension screens or plugins.


    The app will be able to run at any size the skin is created at.
    Plugins will be easy to create and test inside and outside the main application.
    Plugins will be in effect separate applications that can communicate with the main application for configuration, appearance data and basic functions.

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