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Thread: Tag and Rename HELP!

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    Tag and Rename HELP!

    So I attemtped using tag and rename. Not so good.....
    I found it is finding the albums however mizing all the tags umongst incorrect songs. The file name remains the original, however opeing the tag reveals a totally different song name> This is using the Amazon data base. It's finding the albums, and the songs, but when I write the tags there all mized up and maybe one or two came out correct? Any ideas?

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    Be careful how you have them sorted before you write the tags.
    It's really easy to screw up tags if the files listed aren't in the order the tracks are on the album.

    Before you write the tags, you can manually assign what tag should be written to which file. It's a pain, but it it insures that you tag your stuff correctly.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I figured, I'd just hoped there was an easier way. It seems tedious. I fugred there might be a program that could really do it auto most of the time...Thanks

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