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Thread: Woot!

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    Originally posted by MikeHunt79
    Exellent work arby, I love it!
    Would it be possible to make the thinger work a bit better, as the buttons don`t always light up/work (maybe it`s my machine?).
    It's a WA3 problem, wait for the next version.

    Also, i would it be possible to make the oscilliscope/spectrum analyser higher resolution?
    It's a WA3 problem, wait for the next version.

    Finally, maybe there could be different colour scemes, a bit like the default winamp3 skin. I don`t want to seem like i`m wining here, i`m not... merely suggesting a few extra features if you get time. Thanx! (keep up the good work)
    My skin will have color schemes in the future. I have to wait for the next version of WA3, though, because the colorschemes can't change the text color

    so.... wait for the next version of WA3

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    Ahh, ok... I`ll wait then . I`m still a long way from finishing my install, anyway (waiting for epia2 amoungst other things)....

    I hope the next version will allow winamp 2.xx plug-ins... that`s my only wa3 gripe atm...


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    Nice work arby. love the skin. Too bad you cant make the playlist font bigger
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