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Thread: to the guys running Win2k

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    to the guys running Win2k

    what kind of boot up times should i expect with win2k on a celeron 900 with 128 ram, almost everything onboard and a oronico usb card? just running winamp, delorme occasionally powerdvd

    also what items can be trimmed down of win2k to help increase boot up time? my 98 wo/wireless card boots in like < 20 sec, w/wireless its like 25ish
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    Cold boot: post + little over a minute.

    Resume from hibernation: post + 5 secs.

    I have a celeron 900 and 128 MB ram on a FV24.

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    You can trim stuff down from w2k but it's still going to take ages to boot up compared to 98 or XP. Hibernate is the only way to go
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    My k6-2 350 carputer w/ 128 SDRAM running 2k pro boots to a useable state in around 32 seconds (cold boot). My desktop machine at home is an overclocked celeron 600 (running at 900) also running 2k pro w/ 384 mb ram and it takes well under 20 seconds to get to the desktop.

    Here's what I did: under Administrative Tools>Services set startup to manual for everything except:

    COM+ Event System
    DHCP Client
    DNS Client
    Event Log
    Logical Disk Manager
    Network Connections
    Plug And Play
    Protected Storage
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Run As Service
    Security Accounts Manager
    Windows Management Instrumentation

    Also, unless you absolutely need it, make sure you don't have client for MS networks, or for that matter any network clients installed. They just add overhead. If you need a network client to get files on/off of it, consider ftp, http, or some other socket protocol based application that doesn't rely on SMB/CIFS (file sharing).

    Another thing to check: always make sure L2 cache is enabled in your bios. this seems like an obvious thing, but I find PCs with this turned off all the time.
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