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Thread: Monza's Mileage Calculator Development thread

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    Monza's Mileage Calculator Development thread

    Hi Guys,

    Well I was looking around for something to do this and I found nothing. So decided to hit the code and build it myself.
    I was looking for something to log the amount of miles between fill ups and calculate average price per mile and MPG.

    Skin support (never done this so any pointers would be good)
    Integrate into Roadrunner using SDK
    Import mileage values from OBDII
    Export data to Excel spreadsheet
    Become multi national ie. $ not etc.


    Logging of all fields to XML file for reference and stats at later date
    Import of last mileage value from XML
    Miles Covered
    Miles Per Gallon
    Miles Per Litre
    Cost per mile
    Type of fuel used
    Filling station used
    Date filled

    Screenshot attached in basic form at the moment whilst arranging the code

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    Nice screen shot. Though I do have a question as to why excel? Just export it to a CSV txt file. Excel and other programs can import them just as easily.

    Price, Mileage (Odometer reading), and Gallon/Litre should be the only things in the top of the form. You can have a check box for litre or gallon, and then the drop downs for the type (Octane) & other info as need be.

    I see this more as a fun tracking program though. I like it, but it might not be everyone cup of tea.

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    Thanks for the support guys
    Let me try and explain a bit better.

    The previous mileage is imported from the XML file and is saved from the last time the only input required from the user is the current mileage, litres filled, cost per litre, petrol station used and grade of fuel.
    The rest is filled in automagically Gallons filled is a formula from litres so no harm putting it above as I hate all this metric business!! The layout is just a rough sketch if you will at the moment it's more to get the back end code working correctly than anything.
    The save to XML saves all data to an XML file which I have discovered opens really well in Excel 2007 this will allow you to make graphs of MPG, Price per litre/gallon etc Average mileage per tank etc. All good useful stuff and useful.
    Hopefully I can figure out how to skin forms in C# so I can add a bit more glitter to it and hopefully get it made into a plugin for a few different Frontends.
    It's something I coded for myself but realised that it may be useful for others too.

    Think that about covers it, any more questions just ask and any offers of assistance don't be shy

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    Well, it looks good, but how about those that don't have OBDII or a reader? I believe a GPS-based mileage reading/calculating would be best for the rest of us. Festi's MILAGE can do just that from GPS readings. You can find it already embedded in Enforcer's iDrive and JohnWPB's DigitalFX 2.2 skins.

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    Sorry guys been slacking with this will be starting up all my projects again now work has eased off a bit
    The software doesn't use OBDII at the moment you just enter the details when you fill up with fuel at the station might intergrate more as I go along just a basic idea for now, requested features are welcome and I will get a beta version out soon

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    Hi Monza, love the app, tho I'd love it more if you had an MPG/KPL switch, so that us convicts could use it too
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