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Thread: Using Game Controller instead of Keyboard

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    Using Game Controller instead of Keyboard

    I posted this in the Media Engine forum but it works so well I thought I would let anyone who's interested know how its done.

    The problem I was facing was having to constantly look on the touchscreen to find the buttons that I wanted. But I quickly realized the danger of doing so. So I mapped the buttons from Media Engine to my keyboard and was able to perform just about all of the actions without taking my eyes off the road.

    But who wants a full size keyboard always getting in the way. So I went out and bought a mini-game controller. But Media Engine wouldn't recognize the buttons pressed on the controller.

    After searching for several hours on google I found the solution. There is a program called "joy2key" or "joytokey". What it does is let you map the game controller buttons to keys on the keyboard. And just let it run in the background.

    I hope this helps

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    There is a cheap controller sold by getto/wal-mart called a "Game Elements Recoil" that is absolute 10,000,000% garbage as a video game controller, but somehow works very well as a mouse and input unit. It has a utility that remaps the entire controller with button presses of the users choice. After programing, with the flip of a switch, it will go from garbage game controller not fit to play space invaders to a programmable pc input device. I have two of them in my apartment which I will be hacking up for the very purpose you speak of.

    A word of warning, using these for gaming may be hazardous to your mental well being. Don't say I didn't warn you

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