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Thread: Phone Book software

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    I have the Atlanta Yellow pages and white pages. There's a drop down for different books. I got it last year (I think) from the yellow page web site. It has a seach by name or catagory, or you can just flip through the pages.
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    This may or may not help, since I'm in Canada.

    After reading this thread, I went to (I'd guess would work the same way) and sent them an email requesting CD's of the white and yellow pages. They replied the same day saying that they'd send me a CD right away. No charge. Only White pages, as they're waiting for the Yellow Pages, and for me to email them at the end of this year for the following year's Yellow Pages.

    That might be worth a try. If everyone requests one for their province or state, then share them via torrents or something, we could all share without bothering them too much.


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    There's a version of Street Atlas from Delorme called SA Plus that contains a database of business phone numbers integrated with their mapping software. You can enter a name or number and it will locate it on the map. It comes on one DVD. You can also buy the residential phone database for the entire country.

    I have an older version called Street Atlas / Phone Search, and it was pretty handy.

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    I use Street Atlas plus with the phone book. Proabably a pricey way to get a phone book but oh well. I have the whole dvd copied to the hard drive. I use it occasionly since I am on the road alot. Not a great navigation program, but it can find things.
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