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Thread: Microsoft SYNC

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    I see now....using the sync mic is perhaps 'better' than other mics that have been tried as it was designed with the car environment in mind...

    Could it also be that maybe the Sync system employs some sort of noise cancelling algorithms which in effect receive your voice 'better' as it removes ambient noises? That just crossed my mind as I see that option on my Realtek HD control panel on my desktop, tried it, and it does filter some of the extraneous noise out.

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    im more interested on the OS that sync runs on.
    marchello, im not sure about limitations on what you can say about sync, but what hardware (proc, mem, specific hw, etc) can be used/not used and is the OS flexible?

    i can imagine running a frontend with minimal boot-up time, less power consumption with greater speed, and total integration. xp is nice but too much of a resource hog. i rather have an OS that runs on 800mhz, 256mb, and still provide good performance.
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    Well my Land Rover is in the shop for some warranty work and service and they gave me a loaner an MKS that has SYNC I'm not a ford fan and just live with microsoft because we have to but I must say SYNC works and I want it on my carputer damn!t! Microsoft finally has a good useful product and they dont sell it.

    I'm not kidding it just really works one funny thing is it works better with my iphone than it does with my HTC touch pro which runs windows mobile 6.1... wtf MS?

    marchello2000 if your really a developer on it of the SYNC shoot Bill an email and tell him to sell this as a front end package.

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    I just bought my wife a Flex to replace her stolen F250. The sync is a really cool feature and works out of the box. I'm building a Car PC for my truck and wish I could get all the features of the SYNC in my PC. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft, especially after the release of Vista, but this thing works very well. Someone here needs to figure out how to box something like this up for RR.


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