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Thread: Widcomm + WM6 auto answer problem

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    Hi Everybody

    It think thak i find the solution about auto ansver so if you writte this to cmd C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\BTWUIExt.exe /deviceAddr=0021088382de the windows will open your bloetooth phone but there is connect bouton to youse it like handsfree

    So i need your help whic command is next to autoconnect so then we will be able to do exe file and make it run on answer button on carpc so we dont connect it like handsfree but when we will have a call then we will make a connection

    sory for my bad eanglish i hope that we are understanding regard

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    I spent ages trying to sort this out too, with a HTC touch diamond.

    In the end I found that the bluesoleil stack is better, doesn't have the auto answer issue and works brilliantly with the plugin for RR.

    They're supposed to be working on echo cancellation too which I believe is driven by CF as it's the stack they recommend.

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    I have a SWaP watch-phone, no idea what the OS is (and SWaP did not tell me even when asked) and a belkin bluetooth dongle class 1 with widcomm stack. I have the latest drivers downloaded straight from broadcom web-site, version 5.5.07600 but I face the same problem. In my case, the problem is exacerbated in that if I initiate the connection from the computer (connecting to audio-gateway service on the watch-phone), then in addition to connecting to the watch-phone, the last number dialled is automatically dialled as well (so I had to clear dialled calls log, but as soon as I did that connection from computer was unsuccessful)! My Device|My Headset is connected as well when I connect to the audio-gateway service on the watch-phone. This problem of last dialled number being called automatically does not occur if I initiate the connection from the watch-phone (connecting to the headset service on the computer).

    Whether I initiate the connection from the watch-phone or the computer, the end-result is the same in-so-far as auto answering is concerned - the computer answers the call automatically and does not even give a visual and/or an audio notification. This is serious because if I am not careful, someone can just call me and then listen to all that is happening around my computer!!

    broadcom/widcomm must fix this.

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    BTWUIExt.exe is not included in my version of the drivers ( and I am not using Windows Vista either (am using Windows XP SP 3).

    Which exe should I use to bring that UI up?

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