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Thread: Running 2 sound cards

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    Running 2 sound cards

    Is there a way to run 2 sound cards through Windows XP. Here is why: my Turtle Beach Roadie is being used in 4.1 channel. My XM radio that I want to use as well will only play through the front channels on that sound card. So I would like to hook up a second sound card for my XM radio and have windows switch to that card for use when it is in use. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

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    in theory that should be workable, as long as one isnt the inbuilt sound card, those often turn off when you put a 2nd card in.

    also another option is a sound blaster audigy 2 ZS PCI card, and load the KX drivers for it.
    then you can get 4 separate stereo outputs. assuming you have a pci slot free.

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