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Thread: Another camera idea... (ridiculous idea?)

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    Another camera idea... (ridiculous idea?)

    Alright so how about using a rear-view pointed camera with decent zoom on it to analyze shapes/outlines/silhouettes of vehicles behind you to detect a police car. I know its pretty ridiculous and most car computers probably couldn't handle the processing but it is probably possible to detect silhouettes of cars and look for the shape of a police car with lights on it! Of course you'd have to factor in things like trucks, cars with roof racks etc. but....alright just another crazy thought from my mind. Don't mind me, please!

    Edit-----woops I guess like this

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    Cool idea but just check your rear view mirror

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    I've learned to look at their headlights and taillights, if it's night time. I can spot them from pretty far. During the day, I just keep my eyes peeled. Avoided many a ticket just by remembering what their lights look like when they're on and slowed down.

    This doesn't work when they're just around a curve or somewhere that you can't see them. LOL

    It would be nice to have the technology, but I think we're way too far from that yet. There are too many variables out on the road to have something that can distinguish between all of it just to spot a cop.

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    that means i am a cop then? i drive a crown vic? Then pull over and respect my authority!
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    Also buy a radar detector

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