View Poll Results: Do you have internet access in your car-pc?

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  • Yes, it's always available either through my cell phone or a mobile internet card.

    22 44.90%
  • Yes, but it's only available in my driveway, etc.

    15 30.61%
  • No.

    12 24.49%
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Thread: Do you have internet access in your car pc?

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    Do you have internet access in your car pc?

    Just wondering how many people have internet access in their car pc. I'm doing some research before I start working on a front-end.

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    FLAC -zip-'s Avatar
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    I would also add Access to internet when a signal is available, or maybe you the etc. covers that, not to sure.
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    I have edge access through my iphone connected to the carpc but it's slow and doesn't work very well through the rear seats to the laptop in the trunk.

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    SD beats everything. So there. danielkh's Avatar
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    Verizon EVDO Usb device. Finding it is about 4x faster than my previous t-mobile edge. Coverage is about the same.

    Then wireless router over my car in the garage to link with the home computers.

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    My access is always available through my cell phone, but rarely used. Wifi also available at home or hotspots, again, rarely used.

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    Cell internet is bloody expensive in Canada, so no. ($40 for 4 megs. With PCMCIA cell card $100/mo for 1 Gig)

    Wifi in the driveway makes it easy to sync the music/videos.

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    I use Verizons EVDO, gotta have the gas prices and traffic updates.
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    i have a 3 usb wireless dongle.. i take it with me on trips, just incase i need to look up a petrol station, nearest toilets, or even checking the error codes if the engine light desides to flash.

    it does come in handy, but i rarely use it for anything else. but it has saved my butt a few times!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelmk View Post
    I have edge access through my iphone connected to the carpc but it's slow and doesn't work very well through the rear seats to the laptop in the trunk.
    How are you connecting your iphone ?

    I am unlocked and jailbraked ..what do you need ?

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    Low Bitrate mnwcsult's Avatar
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    Thumbs up Internet access

    I have a AT&T data only account which is connected by using a Sierra 860 aircard. I initially thought that it would be a problem using the AT&T client software. I augmented it with a cell phone signal booster 12db booster along with a gsm quad band antenna another 2db.

    My net gain is I get a dropping 3 bars in my parking garage on sublevel 3!!!!!

    It works great

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