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Thread: Slow resuming from hibernation

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    Slow resuming from hibernation

    I have an Epia M10k and it's pretty slow resuming from hibernation. I find it really weird that it takes less time hibernating than resuming! I read around and apparently it's a DMA issue with the BIOS. But I couldn't find any resolution.
    Anyone got a clue?

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    How long does it take for you to resume? Use this free tool to do a quick check on your drive speed:

    I have the same motherboard as you with 256 ram and I am resuming in 20-25s (my hdd read/write is about 35MB/s). I didnt have any problems with DMA with my M10k, but you can go into device manager to check whether your drives are running in DMA.

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    I think it was the ribbon. I changed it and I resume in 32s (I have 512 ram). I still find it curious that hibernating is faster (18s). I get speed of 35MB (read) and 29MB (write).

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