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Thread: RockCar Skin Preview

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    RockCar Skin Preview

    This is what I have so far for a new default skin for the RockCar C# front end. The buttons are bigger than 70x70 and should be easy to hit. The contrast should look good in the sun as well.

    Any suggestions?

    I'm close to getting the MapPoint GPS plugin working. I've had lots of issues with getting the GPS to track correctly. Is there a better C# GPS approch, maybe something other than MapPoint?
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    GPS Working

    I got the MapPoint plugin tracking my location now. Because the API really has no good GPS hooks while using the Active X control, I had to go about this in a different approach.

    As part of adding GPS; location and speed information are now available to use in the skins.

    I've been working on including album art in the screen where you select the media. The screen shot below was taken using the old skin.

    Still working on the new skin, just a matter of skinning the image after I work out the above kinks.

    I also removed the wavLib library that was causing issues in 64bit. Although I've not tested in 64 bit yet.
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