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Thread: Google Android - any CarPC potential?

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    Ok i'm tapping in on this one,
    Haven't been on this forum in a long time but this topic got my attention.
    I use to develope for the road runner front end. I now develop for Android devices. I must say Android has a major potential for automotive computing. It is designed with mobility and ease of use in mind. The devices it runs on are low powered compact and all in one systems. And still very powerful and versatile. For the price of building a car PC you can get a pretty damn good Android tablet, mount it in your dash and be frustration free for a long time with all the software that is available for it.
    Android developers even have multiple car front ends (car homes) available right on the Android market.
    I have debated this before a little more than a year ago when bug byte raised the question, will Android kill car computers.
    My answer remains the same, yup. There really is no market for bulky expensive computers and all there zillion accessories needed to make them work in a car.
    All though the challenge is fun, it could never be more than a hobby any more. Look at it this way, tablets are replacing laptops pretty quickly, phones are nothing more than hand held PCs, and desktops continue to evolve and get smaller.
    Oh yeah I typed this from my hand held as well, PC is only used for developing now.

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