I've personally been having some difficulty finding various skins that I'd like to download after seeing a lot of nice work people have put time and effort into creating as I'm seeing their creations are being hosted on some site that's since changed (at least by the time I got to it) and the app / skin / whatever isn't there anymore.

So I thought maybe I could help out by offering some hosting, free of course, for some of the people working hard to create the various apps, skins, etc. that we all enjoy using.

I figured there's obviously a need for it since there are consistantly broken links, or "this page moved" or whatever message that tells me I can't get the download I want..

I have a site for my side work which I've had for many years (like 7 years now) and I intend to keep the site for many more years. So I'm more then happy to throw up a forum or just a page, or ftp site, etc. to get some of this stuff in a single consolidated place.

Just a suggestion I suppose..