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Thread: Another audio program.....for linux

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    Another audio program.....for linux

    Hello, I am new to the forums but I have read a lot of the threads. I am also (like everyone before me ) creating software for a car audio/PC system. All mine does is play music in Linux. I own a empeg player and I personally believe it is simply the best out there, but of course it is no longer sold. I am working on a new car and wanted to do something special in the mp3 area. I wanted something that functioned like the empeg but used a full LCD screen. I like Linux because I can trim out the fat and make it boot quick. Since this is mainly an audio system it makes sense. If I want GPS in the future, I still think windows offers a lot more selection for hardware/software. One requirement I have given my software is a completely customizable playlist/tree structure like my empeg has. Once you have used this you'll never go back to linear winamp/xmms style playlists.

    I have seen that a lot of these projects never really get going or accomplish anything but I feel good about my software. I have already made a complete mp3 player and have created the interface that lets you make the playlists. Now I have to combine the mp3 player with some software that reads in the playlists (yet to be done, well half done). I am set back a little bit because I have decided to change audio engines.

    Also, my current job has me doing 3d graphics in Linux so I'm going to use what I learned from there to make 1 or 2 visualizations. I won't be doing any GPS, video, etc. because I just don't have the experience with those things to do it efficiently (or correctly).

    I'd like to know if anyone else is working on something similar for linux. I may be open to a colaboration if you'd like to help but no garauntees ( I have specific goals ).

    I can post a screenshot if you need to see anything, really not too exciting, basic player looks like a winamp style and the playlist editor looks like windows explorer screen. Keep in mind the player is just for my testing. Once the audio software is integrated with the playlist controller/reader it would look a lot different.
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    I don't need no stinkin' startup-shutdown controller... That's what journalized filesystems are for...
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