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Thread: Windows CE Chinese Double DIN

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    The WinCE is only based on the GPS you will be able to access in win CE using cecmd.exe as your nav application. But the radio / main mený can't be changed, i had change the entire skin of the GPS part, i had one of these was a 60w x4 mosfet with gps double zone etc..i sold it and passed to a car pc, it was nice but you can't do changes on it, for edit the radio/main menu and others you need to flash the internal memory and is very dangerous...ah remember it's Made in China so watch out

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    The problem I'm having with this ES708G (made by Shenzhen Winmark), is that I can no longer change the nav program. Everything else on the unit works fine, and the GPS even updates the time correctly for my timezone (so the GPS card is still working at it requires more than 3 satellites to acquire a time hack). I've tried multiple resets, power on/off, letting it sit for a week unplugged and out of the car, etc.... The company only sent me a .msk file that does absolutely nothing. Any ideas? I have documented this unit on my youtube account (sgtjasonshrout). If anyone has an iso backup of the SD card that originally came with the unit, would you please allow me to get a copy of your backup (my backup was erased accidentally). I doubt it'll help get the unit up and running again, but that is the only thing I haven't been able to do yet.

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    Sorry to resurect an old thread. But I've just picked up one of these for £30, has anyone managed to do any reflashing?

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