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Thread: Automatic Wireless Grabber?

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    Automatic Wireless Grabber?

    Hey guys I've been looking everywhere and I can't seem to find this. I want a wireless utility that will basically grab any wireless signal that it can in order to be connected whenever I can. Does a program like this exist? I found one that pops up a new browser every time it connects but I don't want this to happen. Thanks guys!

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    windows already does this. create a new wireless connection, name it ANY and set it so that it will connect to both access points and infrastructure networks. My carpc will connect to any unencrypted network with that. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    ha! I hope I can get that to work. I finally gave up on finding an app. to do that. I'll have to try that this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g35mike View Post
    ha! I hope I can get that to work. I finally gave up on finding an app. to do that. I'll have to try that this weekend.
    Lets us know if it worked!

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    The issue with doing that, is that it may choose a very weak link first/and or a link that doesn't actually have an Internet connection. Then it will stay connected until it drops out, or you still have to manually change it.

    EDIT: I remember some time ago people were looking for a program, that auto-joins AND searches for net activity to use etc.

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    Your question is kind of vague, what is it that you are trying to download in terms of size? Will you be moving or stationary?

    If you intend to be stationary, perhaps Wireless Zero Configuration will do for you, but if you want to be moving and download from wireless access points or want a simpler connection that works very well:

    Do a search on these forums for Wifi Hopper. Here are some screens shots

    They have a trial version so you can test it. I use it to download weather on the fly while traveling through hotspots, very reliable and perfect for carputers that are moving and want information transferred.

    WiFi Hopper supports a 'Network Hopping' mode in which it automatically connects to open networks in the area. This is very configurable, filterable errr is that a word? and FAST at connecting, and far more intelligent. You need speed in order to download the information quickly if moving with a good wifi card and a strong signal. It will also disable Microsoft's wireless software and re-enable it when you are finished with Wifi Hopper.

    ...the best I tried at least 10 different programs until I found this.

    You can customize the fonts so it works very well on a small carputer screen. You can also eliminate columns so you see only the information you want to see. Just make sure to read and play around with it, learning curve is very small, like 10 mins or so. The important part is to set it up to hopping mode, you only have to do this once in the settings. You can filter for open networks, even speeds A, B, G etc and both Infrastructure and ad hock.

    Been using it for years. This is not freeware but well worth the money, test it before you buy it. My Son goes to University, they have an educational price as well, so if you go to school, have kids that do, girlfriend, whatever take advantage of that. I think its like 18 bucks or something.

    What kind of Wifi card/USB dongle and antenna do you have? I would also research some decent hardware as well to maximize results, but thats a whole other topic.. check the wireless forum for that.
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