I know there's an issue some people get from time to time where audio wont play after resuming from hibernate. To get it to work again you seem to have to close whatever software you're running and re open it, or some people report having to reboot.

I'm halfway to fixing this issue I think. I noticed that if you stop and start the service "Windows Audio" the problem disappears. The audio works again and you don't have to open and close your software.

So I've written a batch file which is now sitting on my desktop which does exactly this.

@echo off
net stop "windows audio"
net start "windows audio"

**All that remains is to get the file to automatically run on resume from hibernate.**

I'm running Vista. Can anyone tell me how this could be done?

Thanks. I hope this is also useful to a few people besides me.

(PS, If anyone happens to know of any other solution to the hibernate/audio issue I'd be grateful to hear that too. I searched a lot of forums but no one seems to have a fix. Microsoft released an update to fix it, 937077, but it doesn't seem to solve anything......)