Hey guys,

Just started to put my car PC together. I am lucky enough to have a few idiosyncrasies with my setup!

One of these is a 3G iPhone. Now I have yet to jailbreak it (and honestly I am a little worried about it). So my bluetooth functions are crippled.

The only thing it really allows you to do is Headset\Handsfree. Now I have been unable to find a piece of software that allows you to do that.

I checked out Ver 5 of Blue Solei, a HP Widcomm package and the generic bluetooth stack and none of them seem to support it naitivley.

Do you guy know of any software that could do this or am I going to have to get something made?

Anything I have I will share with the group, but the less I have to do the better!


1 problem down, BlueSoleil ver 6 can act as a headset!

Although it can make and recieve calls the next problem is that it cannot pass any of the information (Battery, Signal strength, phonebook info) from the phone.

Will RRMobile do such a thing?