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Thread: RockCar Front End (Skin Builder Update)

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    RockCar Front End (Skin Builder Update)


    No changes to the front end (working great in my car!). The Skin Builder has taken up a good deal of development time. It is possible to now create a skin, (easier to duplicate an existing one and work with that). There are still a few bugs and usability issues (ability to drag around controls, etc.). Screens of the builder are attached.

    Screen Builder Updates:
    Lots of fixes and funtionality added
    Works in a minimum resolution of 1024x768
    Added ability to test a skin while working on it (save before testing)

    The setup files for the Front End and Skin Builder are attached to this thread.

    Windows XP or Vista 32bit
    Windows Media Player 10+ (RockCar uses your WMP library)
    .NET 2.0 Runtime (free from Microsoft)

    Uses WMP 10+ for the media library and album art. Both audio and video.
    Install takes about 20 seconds.
    Multi-language capable interface.
    Skinable interface with themes.
    Skin Builder is included to make your own skins.
    Plugable interface so it is possible to create extended features.
    External controls plugin interface that allows external controllers (joysticks, etc.)
    Flexible core engine that can be leveraged in plugins.
    Built in C#

    Plugins Included:
    Head - Main control surface.
    Media Selector - Selects media from the WMP library.
    IE Browser - Internet Explorer web browser.
    MapPoint - MapPoint interface with simple GPS tracking. (currently disabled)
    Info - Information screen about the system and current media.

    English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Japanese Translations Available
    I used Babel Fish for the translations, so I apologize if any translations are incorrect. PM me if you would like to help out with translations.

    Change the translation to the language you want by editing the GlobalOptions.xml file and changing the "Culture" to:

    en English
    de German
    es Spanish
    fr French
    ja Japanese
    ru Russian
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    Very, very cool. Downloading now...

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    Good Feedback...

    I have some good feedback from the few who have downloaded these early versions. I have a bug list I'm working through for the next release. PM me if you would like to add to it or request a feature.


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