I have been reading around this forum for about a month now, and finally decided to join today. In order to add to the community i am willing to help with graphic design for front end software and the like. I have noticed that not very many people have offered this help, so i decided to. So, if you are programming, and know little about photo editing, I will be willing to help you.

Here are some simple examples of Vista-esk buttons i have made:

This one is a basic square button.

This one is good for changing to after scrolling over with a mouse, or pressing on a touch screen.

And this one is an example of one that I anti aliased myself. The sides a bit rough and needs just a little work. This type could fit around a logo or something

Heres another type, more metallic.

Just ask me if you would like me to work for you. I would like to offer this service free as a contribution to the community. I intend to post more as I make some more samples.