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Thread: Enforcer's CarPC Utilities

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    Enforcer's CarPC Utilities

    To make my life easier (and reduce the number of url characters in my signature) I have decided to put links to all my CarPC apps in one thread.

    Trafficams International - Traffic flow cameras

    Upd8 - Sync tool

    Petrol - Fuel prices for the UK.

    Gas - Fuel prices for the US.

    Carburant - Fuel prices for France. - Released 13/11/09.

    Benzin - Fuel prices for Germany. - Updated 20/02/10.

    FreeDrive Personal Edition - My own personal edition of CDR's FreeDrive.

    Access Control - Prevent unauthorised access to your carpc.

    StevieG's application updated with Video recording, fingerprint access, USB key access and much more.

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