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Thread: Vista 64 bit driver problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigseven74 View Post
    is there another way to dual boot with vista perinstalled?
    You cant just install them over themselves. Vista writes to the MBR.

    Best way is to make a second partition, install XP there. Boot Vista and you will get a "Vista is damaged/corrupt" warning, put in your Vista DVD and it will automatically repair the damage XP did to the boot area as well as make it double/triple/quad boot as well all by itself.

    Otherwise, you will have to do it manually, which usually involves a 3rd party boot loader...
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    xp is crashing while its loading up right after u boot xp from disc.
    i've tried to reburn the disc and even different xp disc same thing.

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    I've seen this problem happen before with pre-installed vista. I think the only option is a fresh format with something like partition magic.
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    i did that. im trying to install on a now raw partion of ten gb for xp. xp will change the raw to ntsf and i do know you Press F8 key on your keyboard while booting your PC. You will get into “Advanced Boot Options”. Select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” but thats everytime i boot up the pc... thats not a option.

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    finishing the post

    I end up dual booting with two versions of vista 32 and 64. yes i know that xp is lighter. my problem is/was the way my bios are i cant change the sata settings. i found that most xp sp2 had only ata drivers not sata. evertime it tried to load windows from the disc it would crash. and when i tried to load xp with sata support, i still needed to change a sata controller option that i had no control over. so it to would crash on "loading windows" from the disc. vista 32 will accept unsigned drivers so thats the only option i had. so thanks guys for the input.

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